Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A different perspective

Just a hint of evening sun picking out the far bank detail.The island has been quite a busy spot of late for the bivvy boys and some of the weed has been cleared which opens up an opportunity to get the feeder rods out perhaps.

I took the boat out for a prod round last night. Found some surprisingly firm areas, and nearer the dam towards the jetty bank it was much siltier. This is a slightly different perspective of the pond from the boat

The pond weed is starting to respond to the sun,but fortunately is not present all round the pond. Cleared a couple of spots of the first jetty for a bash over the next couple of days perhaps. Need to balance a big enough rake to make a dent in the pond weed and being able to throw it with some accuracy. Was coming back with more silt than weed after a dozen throws.Plan to fish float fish corn over a lot of hemp.

The last of the sun  as seen from the boathouse

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