Sunday, 14 July 2013

Ringing the changes (slight return)

As well as a go over a raked spot for bream I had wanted this weekend to have a go of the front of the island, where I had found a clearish spot with a reasonable bottom when out on the boat on Wednesday.So, having been instructed first to get the achofrol I ended up standing on the island  yesterday night, again after 7pm looking out at a bit more weed than I remembered on Wednesday...

Target area was the gap ahead of the left rod, one of a pair of old Sportex 11' 1.5lb tc rods, and Cardinal 4x's. I set up an open end feeder to fish meat and one with a bomb and corn closer in. The first cast found more weed than I hoped for. I recast with no bait or feed  to see if I could find a clearer spot and hooked a rudd fair and square in the mouth on a bare size 4 Drennan Specimen hook. No blank then. The alder tree above my head was a bit in the way and I was loosing patience. A quick look at the gap just  to my left below and I moved one of the rods in there, close in with corn, no feeder. By the time I had moved my chair the indicator was stuck up tight to the alarm and a reasonable roach was soon splashing in over the shallow margin.

They could not get on the corn quick enough, Both these two  seem to have a bit more than roach in them, mostly about the dorsal and anal in the first, and general shape of the second I think a trip back with a  pole, fished to hand is in order. Far more practical than two rods fishing about 10 yards out.

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