Saturday, 12 October 2013

Footwear is very important

Public notice, especially for the attention of Essex Scribbler.

I have never, ever , ever owned a pair of these :

As Peter Murphy once sung: "Shellys Shoes, shoes no man would want to wear". I second that for Derri boots... and socks with Crocs


  1. You're trying to re write history.
    You most definitely used to wear a pair of hideously camp Derriboots (the little bow at the top is total class).

  2. I am a revisionist reductionist but my boots were worse, they were faux Derri, though I will always claim that any resemblance was not even ironic but mere coincidence. Like the hideous green brown bike: It was spray can silver with airfix black detailing. Yours was a brown folding one with a tartan basket, your mums in fact. Shanus had a trade bike and Lobkin probably levitated.