Saturday, 5 October 2013


October, though a little wetter is still unseasonably warm. Afternoon swimmers at Sheringham yesterday, our afternoon stop in search of ice cream to celebrate the formal recognition of the addition to our ever increasing tribe. (Little un , who will be next biggest un soon).

I am not sure these two rather resigned gentlemen were of the mind to dip a toe..
The light was ever changing: as the sun  begins to have less height contrasting light plays open up. Not the acidic limeness of emerging spring but still mountains of looming grey against that huge, massive bright sky. Chalk does throw up some interesting sea colours especially with the added interest of the turbines on Sheringham Shoals catching the sun.
From the Mo
Looking towards the Runtons (round the corner), ancient home of the woolly mammoth and sabre toothed tiger, lion and hyena.
Some additional decor on the  beach huts is beginning to feature..

The hard defences, shipped over from Scandinavia are showing signs of patination.
To match the varied  additions to the home made Canutisms below. This edge of England is fast losing it's mass as the North Sea continues to reshape and swallow up great gouts of land on each good blow. The Broads system is at acute risk of fatal salt incursion, Hickling and Horsey only have marram and sand holding back the sea, bureaucrats quake and prevaricate over a tidal boom for the Yare and Bure whilst  allowing the white elephant of Yarmouth Outer Harbour and the incinerator at Saddlebow, spending millions in the process.

Heading back towards the beckoning soft ice cream and cone..

My camera has some problems with washy skies.I have a UV filter always on, more as a lens protector and really ought to be a bit more adventurous with such a rich tapestry to capture
 No need to push the saturation on this one. Shadow tool  a boon for foregrounds

The massed older tribe bredren, gathered for our celebrations (reporting restriction remain, no chance Daily Mail) are joining me for a trip down the A140 in our trusty Charabanc for  League One clash of the titans, the mighty U's vs Wolves later this morning so it will be stocking up with fizzy, sweets and Yorkies for half time and fighting not to be a backseat remains our proud right to stand right from. " the referee has rung the bell, the teams are in the tunnel." to kick off.  I do resent sitting to watch footie... and we still have goal music. Which doesn't get played much.


  1. Bure Boy, you should try being a Middlesbrough supporter... it can't be any worse.

    Nice pictures by the way, I've yet to get out Piking, the Boss' job list seems to grow not diminish. Hope the U's win.


    1. John.
      it can, we were whupped, well it felt like it anyway. I am sure there are some lovely essox waiting for you when you can get away..

    2. Boro scored four, it's the second coming, no more goals until Christmas. The life of a football supporter.

      Sympathies and have another beer.


  2. Yes, some great pics again. Your commitment to the Us is better than mine to Ipswich.

    1. Scriblber, I think a day on our East Midlands stilllwater is definitely in order after the drivell I just witnessed. Preceeded by some neanderthal sparking out someone in Macci Dees. At least the tide of horror it raised was a decent human response. In the kids party area as well