Sunday, 10 November 2013

A game of 2 halfs

Rather than schlep down to watch Col U ultimately crash out of the FA Cup at the first time of asking to the Blades after getting back to 2-2 I accompanied youngest original to Carrer Rudd on Saturday for what some were predicting would be Houghton's last stand. Fortunately we were not  forced to watch Ja Ja Binks dreadful ponytail flapping in the wind and indeed Big Sam had no striker to call on at all, turning out a 4-6-0 formation sort of led by Nolan and (Joe)  Cole. Which for the first half saw Naarich pinned down by relentless service down the left wing, and  West Ham's uncanny ability of being able to pass a ball to another player wearing the same colour. It was a pitiful display to be honest and I can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like in the Ethiad last week against current world class internationals, not has beens but still better than you's.

I assume Houghton said something at half time or West Ham decided to sit down with Big Sam (he didn't seem to want to get out of his lovely green comfy chair after the break) as the boys in yellow actually discovered what to do with the lovely yellow winter ball.

How often have you come away from a game knowing that a 3-1 victory really did not reflect the game?   For Houghton a momentary relief I suspect and I would not want to be the wasp the bulldog that is Sam Alardyce was chewing. Or his shell shocked team in the bus heading back down the M11


Elmander being penalised just for running round like a headless chicken ( not getting near about six players with six semi-tackles in a row is not a foul ).

Howson's great dipping shot against the crossbar that led to Snodgrass's free kick. By the way Snodgrass. That beard. A disgrace. Trim it or get it off.

Pathetic Norwich mascots: never fear, Eadie the Eagle, you are still the one

Hordes of men stuffing down 4 pies for £2 in brown paper bags, whilst still standing inside Morrisons as if food was about to  become extinct

26+K people  managing about 4 chants between them in 2 hours

A moonlit River Wensum on the ebb tide looking in perfect nick and crying out for a pint of fresh casters

Not seeing: the actual foul for the penalty as an even larger person than me stood up at the wrong moment.

Being seen: appearing live on Sky and later on MOTD with the previously mentioned youngest original seemingly quite pleased  by Snodder's free kick, if not his out of control face fungus. I thought he was in Fleet Foxes for a moment.


  1. Football is torture Bure Boy, watching Middlesbrough and the managers tactics is like watching a traffic accident. You don't want to but you have to. You beat Donny 4-0 then, a great idea, let's change a winning team. Pike fishing is more exciting even if you catch nowt. John

  2. Yes,John: the great imponderable of the seemingly random team/tactics change.
    Did you see the sunrise this morning up there in the wilds of the Fens?. Absolutely spectacular over good old North Walsham. Would have been a great backdrop to a first cast....

    1. Certainly did. Talk about red sky in the morning. Now it's horrible, grey drizzling but I'd fish in it no problem. The Boss is up to Newcastle tomorrow so it'll be a pike fishing afternoon and on into the dusk to find the zander again I think. John

  3. Great report Wak. Disgraceful beards, greedy blokes, being seen on MOTD and beating the Cockneys. Sounds an interesting day. Usual Big Sam line up of 4-6-0 then ? Can't stand West Ham.

  4. Scribbler. Don't know why but I have always watched a West Ham game if it was on the box. And Tottenham. Never will be's and not really in their hearts pretending to be I suppose. I'll ask the gaffer about Saturday. I have some prototype Tendring Tangle Tamers on the doodling board. Think you will be impressed about my hidden practical side