Friday, 22 November 2013

Postie calls..

Glorious North Norfolk morning, late autumn colour. Thought I'd stop at  a gastro barn for a coffee. It was actually very good coffee.  Table right much rumours and murmurs of (political) war* past and yet to come. I'll dine out on that spot for a while. Wont slip into the ghastly "celeb" nonsense, rather a statesman of stature. Cheese and leek pastie to go, which was also very good.
*(You simply must check out Live at the Counter Eurovision by Misty in Roots by the way)

Home then, to"postie's been"or rather left a slip that package to be picked up. Which it had been.
Never mind Lure of the Float, or The Sweetcorn Kid with their artisan offerings. Just look what
The Essex Scribbler has just made and sent me..the real deal.

Drop-offs and polyball floats. Just right for the river. Determined they will get a run out this weekend.


  1. Do I see Angling, allotments and Albion on the Waterlog cover Bure Boy? Check out thee current edition. I'm still smarting from last saturday so I think I'll stay in today and watch Jeff Stelling… John

  2. Yes you do John...I had a subscription for a while. Downing played for Boro or am I imagining that (thought flash when Hammers were at Carrer Rudd)?

  3. Yes, he did, he came through the Middlesbrough Academy like lots of others Boro never managed to hang on to. After last weeks 'farmer using my rod for three or four casts episode' the players Boro have sold on depresses me even more! I think I'll go piking this afternoon after all and put a rod out for Zander too. I got a small one about two or three pounds last week so I'll see if I can add to it.

  4. "Live at The Counter Eurovision" by Misty In Roots. Best reggae album ever made. Would you believe I gave away my copy ? Got an, erm, electronic copy (cough) though.. Whilst talking of reggae and live albums, "Live and Direct" by Aswad is fantastic too.

  5. Misty had it going for Aswad ."You know what Live an Direc mean Live and Direc". Brynsley Forde, from kids tv (Double Deckers) to UK roots reggae.Saw 'em with the Clash for a benefit gig in Finsbury Park. Heard Under Dub wood? Dylan Thomas over Augustus Pablo. Raaaaaaas.

  6. I set you up for that one. I knew you wouldn't be able to resist quoting "you know what Live and Direct mean?". A great album. Yes, that "Under Dub Wood is great