Saturday, 7 December 2013

The surge.

Walcott has been ripped open by the big storm surges. I won't pick over the bones of people's real life misery but this shows just where the sea can go when it wants to:

The hard defences on the horizon did little to hold back the surge and a swathe of debris  runs all the way across the field back to those bungalows. Debris? Propane cylinders and caged water tanks lifted like bath toys. That debris had been through and came from people's houses and businesses The water had then surged along the lane to the right and the seal sanctuary so a good mile inland. Walls knocked over like lego bricks.


  1. Same round here. The Alresford - Wivenhoe cycle path was breached and the top of the path ripped off by the tide. This was a rock hard path, incredible. Bowes marsh flooded with salt water, never seen that before in 40 years.