Sunday, 12 January 2014

Easing into 2014

First outing of the year today. Had considered chub, and frozen pastry/blue cheese ready but on top of a lot of rain  glass is rising and first hard frost for a while and clear blue sky, and biting wind. That, and the inevitable quagmire footpath meant pike instead.

Crossed the Ant at Wayford Bridge but no sudden urge to pull in so onwards to Stalham Staithe. For once, fishing virtually from boot of car had a certain something about it. A couple of hours to work some deads around the quay headings. This duly done. One sharp rap on tiny joey being inched back  under one of Essex Scribbler's poly balls  to show for it. That and the scuffed, puncture marked if only...

The two chaps either side of me had some of the usual on the pole, ever present white hand towel as de rigeur
 Elastic and take apart to hand. Ended with his intended skimmer  as a bonus
Flicktip  to hand. 3-4 lb to show for his work

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