Monday 6 January 2014

Reading material

Still got this little lot to look forward to:

Best settle down with a bottle of Pedro Ximinez and some strong cheese (saving some for chub paste).


  1. Morning Bure Boy, See you've got another 'John Linocut' on John Andrew's book at the top. The book is brilliant, my mum read it when she was alive, the boss has read it and mum-in-law read it last year, she's 95, and she thought it fantastic too. I've got to know John well since doing the cover illustration of Fensham Pond for him. You'll enjoy it.
    Went piking for a few hours on saturday but a dose of bream lung and lack of concentration meant the first blank. No doubt there'll be more, Oh, and Boro blanked too...

    1. Bream lung. Interesting diagnosis. Was drawn instantly by your cover. Something similar to seeing the cover of Rangely-Wilson's Somewhere Else (Johnathan Gibbs, apparently schooled in the Slade) and discovering a gem within. The Mighty U's had the weekend off given that it was 3rd round week.

    2. Boro had a weekend off too…


  2. 'For all those left behind' is a great book that should be savoured. Some find it a little slow, but I think that is the point, the joy is in the detail of each carefully constructed sentence. Dark and moody at times but a great read. You will like the pike episode in Ireland.

  3. One I will definitely read on a long day, hopefully cover to cover in one go as it sounds a reader, not a dipper.