Sunday, 4 May 2014

Ancient and modern

Dispatched for a quick spin before lino duties along the Bure valley via Burgh and Oxnead. Smello vision surely must be coming to a blog near you soon, the monochrome yellow and background tang of rape will soon be joined by the never  forgotten but still shocking, overpowering fragrance  of broad or feed beans.

Bumped down the track for a quick peek over Plantation Bridge at Oxnead..

These two signs at Brampton , feet apart and poles apart too.

I read that the Bramtuna reference and design is after a Roman broach find. I prefer the more traditional offering below

Out and about yesterday spied an emerging blueness of a field of linseed flowers  on the way down into Morston and over to the creek that will be a glorious sight in the next week or so if duty, sun  and camera all combine..
Meanwhile a pan of hemp spiced with chili soaking so hopefully a couple of hours out tomorrow evening.

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  1. This time of year is incredible, the rate at which plants grow and things change is amazing. Got to get up to North Norfolk soon. When you mentioned Morston i immediately think of the great times we've had over the years along that stretch of coast. Love it.