Saturday, 20 September 2014


Half thought of ol'stripey today, got to Captains about 3.30 and found that  the eye had broken on the whip intended to snaffle a few rudd for bait so it was stick with plan A especially as there was some activity in the silt off Stage 1. Weather turning and has been a steady fine mizzle for most of today. Put out a decent spray of hemp, corn and lots of mini smarties that had accumulated  in the cake tin from this weeks multitude of birthdays. Why? For colour I suppose..

The pair of swans forced me in closer to avoid hooking them as they upended on the hemp feast, a couple of missed bites then this battered old chap salvaged a home draw spot on the 5pm curfew.

Glimpses. Several piratical sallies into the rudd by lone perch, of somewhat startling size. Plan B hatching....

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