Sunday, 21 September 2014


Walshamboy started his new job today with a 3 hour induction in the citadel of the golden m which gave me just enough time to put some flake through a few spots on the Yare at Earlham Park on the outskirts of the fine city of  Norwich. Clear, shallow with lots of runs, bends etc. And half the Larkman out for their Sunday dog throwing, amongst the slightly bemused students returning to the UK for another year at UEA before the Freshman invasion next week.

Had a look at the big aquarium swim  that  hosts many a stick retrieving hound and saw a healthy number of roach and small chub dodging Fido and Masher. Perched high on the eroded bank ( years of hounds, not cattle) it was interesting to see the reaction of the fish to the mash going in, and the instant  mobbing of the bait in a fishy free for all. Did hook a chublet of about a pound which fell off before I had worked out how I was going to net it in 3 inches of water from a 6 foot high bank of slippery dog shitty clay but  decided to return at water level next time with the trotting rod and a chubber float.

Even without Polaroids lots of roach in particular to see, with some decent fish in smallish groups.

This pool below the gnarly tree held some nice roach  so fished down from above the tree for cover. Second put in with flake and  two definite pulls on the tip low to the water and a fish was on. Lovely view of it flaring it's dorsal and turning it's big flank against the flow but it was soon in the net and on the grassy bank.

1.02, and fresh as a newly minted coin.

Changed to more chuby tactics in this more secluded spot, several good pulls on prawn under that tree overhang but for some reason reverted to Alresford Sandbank wind down before striking mode so none connected with. Spotted a couple of pods of chub  on the way back to the car and some nice pockets of roach as well.

When I'd got  out of the car earlier Man U were 3-1 up and on my return the game had switched to Man City vs Chelsea so it was a very pleasant surprise to  hear the final score of 5-3! That and Liverpool losing to West Ham yesterday is as they say a right result.


  1. Cracking roach Wak. Yeah, the Man U result was a beaut.

  2. Monday 6 Oct is OK for me. Whittler should be OK too. What about John TT ?

  3. The 6th is OK for me too. Where, what time?

    I'd better knock the dust off the rods, the drains are still full of GOS, or Great Ouse Snot. It stcks on your line like crepe paper but I intend to try again this week.

    All the best,

    John R

    1. John, Alton, probably Valve Tower end, Essex Scribbler will have the local gen. How do we do that private/direct message thingy? If you can see my email email that? i am not that technical....

    2. You could always try the new fangled telephone thingy.....

  4. My email is on the Two Terriers blog in the about me/us bit. Use that one if you can otherwise I need a pigeon… John

  5. Wak,
    Let me know the revised pikey fish in date. I'll recce the lake on Tuesday and will be going for a pike in the morning and a bass in the afternoon. Not at the same venue !