Sunday, 20 December 2015

Quick sticks

Not quite shirtsleeves but certainly no thermals or coat needed for a quick afternoon on the Bure. Steady push, slight tinge, looking spot on. Classic stalemate as member below wanting to fish up back  to the car, me wanting to fish down.  We politely ignored each other in the end..

These are my favourite poplars and a lovely near solstice sky.

Only one show of interest on a halved sardine on the far margin and this little un was the result.

Fiery glow to round off the afternoon as I made the short trip back to the car. Liverpool the latest names to feel the winds of change round the Premier League. Topsy turvy times to be sure.


  1. Couple of cracking photos there. You must know all those pike by name by now.

  2. Saving the best stretch for you and TT