Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Real deal

Following brief interlude normal service returns. Probably the last trip of the year on the Syndicate middle beat. Long straight, Bungalow bend,  Church straight or Beck bends? Up to the Beck. Red kite shows itself, confirmed by walker with bins.

Light going quickly as the spinney shades the low sun, think I will just move the bottom rod a shade down to that spot that has been calling for the last ten minutes. Snagged? No, fish on! It's taken a shine to half a sardine and makes several surges before burying itself in the net . Strange lack of flesh, healed over round the left eye. Hooked just in scissors again. Goes  14.02. Job done and off  the water by 4.15



  1. BB, those fish in your river are beautifully marked. Is it because the water is shallower and clear? appy New Year. can't get out today waiting for the boiler repair man. Bugger. John

    1. Hello John. I am sure the colouration and markings are in part due to the clarity, same for the perch. No boiler? Grim.