Tuesday 19 July 2016

I do love a little tinca

Tidy up before Tribe Bureboy depart for sunnier climes.

Steamy, muggy and humid.Weather here of late.Had been on a mini spread a day amongSt hideous things such as PVA mesh and drilled halibut pellet's picked up a pair of buzzers and batteries for 14 quid. Not the travel rod I'd gone in for but never mind. Sent packing after tea in light drizzle, just past the water towers nd sound of something dropping off the car. The buzzers I'd laid out the roof whilst opening the boot. All retrieved with some road rash.New boy Tim had been on Stage 2 since 4 this morning so headedover to the Norwich bank and the Big Gap. Why have blue leds's?Apart from that not too bad but must keep an eye on the thread  damaged by contact with the road on one buzzer.

Bream, rudd and roach quite active over the pellets, once I'd shood the swans away and apart from totallIing the damaged net handle enjoyable evening.

Saturday and ordered out whilst Commander in Chief packed the bags. Off toMorston via Wells and an ice cream at Salthouse.

And an hour on the Pond for this lovely tinca on the waggler.

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  1. Two buzzers for 14 quid and you're complaining about the LED colour ? Pity they didn't come the a fifty pound note stuffed in the packaging too, eh ?