Thursday 7 July 2016

Just bits.

I've realy really found it hard to knuckle down and apply myself to my fishing over the last couple of weeks. I 've caught, but in dribs and drabs and  tonight I even turned down the opportunity to go fishing. There's aways tomorrow though..

After my last trip in chocolate brown water and that bite off the river had fined down a touch, not enough to reveal the weed which made finding a good trot difficult and the float wouldn't sit right for most of the time. Had decided to feed  corn, hemp and mash which looked good going in but didn't set the world on fire. Only managed a couple of dace which did twist and turn nicely in the flow.

Sunday and a trip over to the Wensum Valley and Sparham Pools. I'd had a look just before the season opened, the landowner pondering on how to remove on of the big oaks from a swim  had remarked on how few tench had been caught in the last couple of years.  A tench bubbling close in in my favoured spot gave me false hope...

The place is  clearly receiving little attention and with levels up two  swims were under water and the oak across one so choice limited. Fed the bottom of the deep near shelf and the bottom of a bar with very little indication or interest. Sporadic bubbling and only a few indications of any mouthing of the corn on the bar rod.

Did have a nice steady take for this lovely roach of about 12oz, and another bite off, this time to a banded pellet was my lot.

And I stood on my new landing net handle...

Monday and I fell in the Yare whilst on a lunchtime fish spot and slunk home to get changed..

Tuesday and a very short session on the Pond,  with only an hour or so possible decided to fish two rods to double my bubble. Didn't really help but did get a reasonable bream with a suggestion of two tones and a lttle thickness across the back.

Just how old are these hooks?

Yesterday found a lovely group of urban roach and skimmers in the middle of Kings Lynn and didn't fall in. I will be back. Allowed out again for a short trip and took a drop shot rod for a trundle on the river. Back to clarity and a couple of nice brownies in the mill pool being pursued by the yoot. Down by the bridge and a steady take to an orange thing. Clear water, great view of fish fighting. Really strange playing them on an 8' rod  but in the onion bag, a nice little pike to avoid the blank. The yoot is a nice chap, really into his micro jigs which he was using yesterday to catch gudgeon.

 Now, to find a decent travel rod to pack for Corfu.....

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  1. "Knuckle down and apply myself" ? Thats what you do at work, not when you fish. Poor show. Rovex do a great 9 foot four piece travel rod. Less than 50 quid and a really fantastic rod.