Monday, 7 August 2017

Strange fruit

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. There is a new fruit being grown in North Norfolk. Getting secret trials somewhere deep in Boden land by artisan plants people who have bought their skills over from Eastern Europe before the Little Englanders raise their pathetic drawbridges and cut our noses to spite our faces on their behalf.

Wafting over the feudal dwellings  of the artisan gatherers of noble fruit is the most heavenly smoke from a wood fired pizza oven and the sound of our cash being counted by the bearer of the bushiest eyebrows and wonkiest of glasses in Poppyland.

Not sure the gated glamping enclosure is quite ready though.....

We always call in to see the tanks, this being one of them and of course the Doodlebug. The Meteor seems to be somewhere else on site at present.

A touch inland and whilst social media burnt with either righteous indignation (The Little Englander brigade again) or namby pamby lefty liberal hand wringing over the wearing or not of a rainbow coloured badge the little'uns careered around the Mulberry Bush and scattered the residents of the Dovecote. They career a lot.

Going to need quite few inhabitants of this bush to produce enough silk to make that purse, sow's ears or not

Everywhere is a riot of colour or architectural height, with the merest hint of going over creeping in.

I look at the water. Firstly to make sure the Little 'uns haven't careered in, then what is under, on or over the surface.

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