Thursday, 3 August 2017

Feeding the starving millions..

Got that song lyric Essex Scribbler? Anyway, got me a new rod. A Drennan 13 foot Tench float rod. Something with a bit more beef to hold out on a tinca or a mudpig but still be sensitive to fish a waggler as well as a chubber and big hunk of flake for winter chevin.  Comes as a two piece ringed to carry set up with a screw in last foot. Not the finish of the purist Drennan rods of yore but one I have been hankering after.

First outing on the faintly blue lagoon to use up those casters and hemp. Nothing earth shattering but a good 12lb of blade skimmers and roach, biggest this one. Rod responsive, light to hold and a joyously sweet bend with backbone.

Earnt me an early finish so gave the rod another testing, this time with a pin and something that really would pull back. I pulled up at the village duck pond to see a bivvy and rod pods. Really. It was blowing a hooley and a big wet was on the way. The starving millions were on the pellets straight away and in quick order the float was away, no need to strike. This was one of the more usual profile pond fish. Could be ages old but in general good nick, as no keepnets allowed.

3 times the tip hooped round and the pin revolved sweetly before the wet happened.

Nearly an hour before desisted and by then the starving millions were absolutely mad for it. Anything that goes in is nudged or mouthed and the float and the locking shot were particularly targeted. One got the small waggler stuck in it's gob and couldn't let go. The float moves a couple of feet on their backs or the line is dragged. Short of fishing a floating pole with a bait floating or just under the surface direct of the tip not sure how you get round it but enough do get pricked and hang on to make it super fun, and the rod and pin combo were perfect. This was the "biggest" of the short trip and gave a right good go.

Looks even weirder this way up.

And the bivvy boys and a gnome under a brolly caught nowt. How?


  1. The Pop Group or Flux of Pink Indians ?

  2. Magnificent Seven..Sandinista.

    1. How could i not have known that. I love that track.

    2. Listened back , it's whose more famous to the billion millions but you get the idea.

  3. A lot to be enjoyed when "scamping" with a pin. The presence of a bivvy, on a muddy puddle, speaks volumes about where modern angling is headed - down the drain I fear.

  4. Replies
    1. Any opportunity to use your favourite phrase. Apt though.