Sunday, 23 September 2018

At a loose end

Raining, raining, still raining. Got the rods in the car  but nowhere to go, not yet anyway. Think I'm going to have to brave it shortly, perhaps via a pub after the lunch rush or somewhere  I can get  a decent coffee in the hope the weather breaks, which it is forecast to do a bit later. 

I do have  a rods out and sit in the very adjacent car plan just in case. Nothing out but the net and unhooking mat, that sort of thing. I've even made up some pva bags just in case. I bet some bugger will be in the car park swim when I get there..



  1. Proper wire trace making weather :-)

    1. It is. Going to get some done for my yearly open day-ish trip to an "undisclosed Midlands still water", and I'm told I'm doing a bass sesh on the way home too.