Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Rare as rocking horse poo

Spods, spombs and the like. Something I've never used. The Essex Scribbler once made up some from downpipe when perch were the secret match target on Ardleigh reservoir. God only knows how they planned to cast them out.

Well, I have now used  a spomb at least. Mostly because pigeon conditioner goes every where, mostly over me and my surroundings when it's catapulted out. I didn't use wrap sticks or clip up so it wasn't that accurate but quite fun.. don't think the bream were too impressed that I hadn't put any pellets in though.

Boilie muncher

Did have a nice bag on waggler fished corn as well, nothing huge but very pleasant indeed. A small selection. Got to think of a way to miss out the skimmers and get through to the roach.


  1. I remember the first time I used a spomb a couple of years ago. Targeting bream me and a mate took it in turns to spomb out 2 big buckets of bait, took about an hour - before the bailiff arrived and pointed out we were on the wrong lake!!

  2. A spam? WTF. It's a bloody depth charge.

    1. That is a smallish one John. They land quietly and come in quietly on the retrieve. Fish get to recognise they mean grub quite quickly.