Friday, 1 March 2019


It was subdued rather than overcast but enough to lure me onto Roach Straight. I had bread in the bag but it wasn't Warby Blue so the red maggots won out. I opted for a slightly narrower section to get the trotting arm in sync after Monday's tangles. No discernible wind and  a good steady glide and the 5AAA cane Avon helped pull the line off the pin well. I think I've over filled it so might have to sacrifice several yards so the bedded in stuff can get stretched out. Might get some village pond mud piglets to do that though..Half an hour and a good rhythm but no bites so dropped just below the marker stile and a slightly longer swing out. 4 25pm and a light level "switch" was flicked with the first bite or three. The fourth and the #16 wide gape swept point B560 bit home in a good fish. I saw it turn, a wide silvery flank and it felt heavy. I reached for the net and it was gone. Bugger I thought but the roach were there and on it. I nearly reached for the make do bread but didn't. The next bite and this time the hook stayed stuck. 

It stuck in several more but a few were bumped and another even better than the first was lost. Not sure just how sharp the hooks felt and certainly the maggots did burst easily on hooking. Back to the B520's?

Bread next time, and into dark on the tip as well. I'd found some fish and sussed out a couple more spots so a lovely hour and a half. The two bigger lost fish were certainly over the pound and I think the flake will be a bit more selective. It will be fun finding out.

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