Sunday, 24 November 2019

What it is with roach?

Right now all I want to catch are roach. Low light, lighter winds than of late and still a touch of colour in the river. Bang tidy. However first things first and a stop off at the Horse and  Groom. Pint of Barsham in a Lacons glass and some decent scratchings.

Banks a quagmire and I did soak  a halved bluey  for an hour with only one missed run so down to the stile and build up the swim with several pouches of reds whilst I readied myself. Around 5 trots to suss the depths and suddenly the float had gone. There is nothing like the thumping down the long rod and a great silver flank and red fins. Not quite a pound and a half and a good netter the next trot.

Not a bad shot from a dog walkeress. No need to crop.

This one not quite making a pound and a half either.

I trotted till I could no longer see the float  leaving in the Stygian gloom with  fish rolling in the swim. Again a stack of netters, with just a few make weights, and three chunky dace too. The damage must be cormorants but as you can see in the brace shot some are like freshly minted coins.


  1. Think i might have to try for a roach soon as seeing your pictures has given me a hankering......

  2. Recently found your blog BB, love it!

    1. Thanks. Us Norfolk'uns should stick together