Monday, 2 December 2019


Unwelcome illness and those annoying little things that crop up when you start to prep the surfaces for painting like great swathes of rotten wood have had me house bound except for DIY buying. It was therefore a relief to head off to the river to soak a few halved blueys.

River running off like a train so it was a case of finding some slacks down the edge or in to features. Two takes, two fish. The first belted off  sharpish following a preliminary bang on the rod tip.

The second hummed and hahhed  but gave me a right tear up  in the strong flow.

The forceps momentarily froze to my fingers as I packed up, the net and mat stiff as boards.

Think I'll start on my Japanese whiskey tasting set tonight.


  1. That first pike looked like it was hungry.

    1. It was. Both sets of trebles in the mouth though. And being the good egg that I am I put the bluey back in it before I let it go.

  2. Japanese whisky tasting set? They are producing some fantastic brews.

    Hang on a minute..... "Dear Father Christmas....."