Saturday, 25 April 2020

It must be a Thursday

Thursday seems to be my out day at the moment, and yet again I could hear the keyworker clapping in the distance. No cuckoo though or skimming swallows or martins which is what had drawn me to this sheet of water, a ponded section of canal, a rare thing indeed in Norfolkcestershire. It's the North Washam and Dilham Canal, slowly being restored. The feed mill is now broken into des res accomodation,  the frontage catches all the evening sundown and the rear would catch this backglow behind what is locally known as Ebridge Mills. I guess they get the sun up for breakfast.

The main event the front line dwellers feast on, and probably feast too of an evening. I would.

Thousands of person hours are going into restoring the lock gates, and once lockdown loosens enough the boat trips will start again. 


Fishing is free in the traditional season, with rudd, perch and bream mostly. Pike rules are rather restrictive.Like most pike rules these days, either stuck in a hazy past or  in a new fangled fashion not science led lash up. Speaking of which, how will we get those UV rays inside or clean them lungs with that bleach Donald? Now that we know the anti malarials might kill people without malaria. I'm keeping off the tonic anyway. Ice and fresh squeezed lime juice is what a gin needs.

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