Friday, 10 April 2020

Out. Ony a bit about.

Footpath restored. Just right for the Little Uns who haven't left Bureboy Villa's since their schools closed. They've been ever so good bless them. Thank goodness we have a garden. The Commander in Chief has only been out twice, for about an hour in total.

Not a lot of blood in our supermoon on Wednesday but the sun slipped behind the pavillion like a Jaffa.

Ventured a little way up the road on the verge for this one tonight

I have had to make a couple of work forays  (a blessed relief from the tedium of working from home) and I hope what I did made  a difference. Stopped very briefly, a breeze through the car window, agricutural machinery, our and Uncle Sam's finest tearing up the skies and a mewing buzzard.
That's Castle Acre that is.

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