Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Seven mile Boris

Well, Bozza's 14 mile round trip for a bike round Stratford Park on Sunday, passing many nearer open spaces, probably involving many cars and goons has set an acceptable local limit for many, and reinforced by Hat Mancock and then the Briefing tonight when it was said it was not practical to set an absolute definition of what local is. 

I was well within that for my Sunday stomp, probably ambling 6 or 7 miles in total along the Weavers Way laid on the old M&GN line towards Aylsham. Pleasant walking now its be resurfaced. I'm fascinated by part human, part animal old ways that traverse land and bisect other paths and roads. If my book case hadn't fallen down whilst I was being back slabbed in Minor Injuries I'd dig out MacFarlane's tome on the subject.

Sparrow hawk plucking zone. 

Being on a rail bed its mostly cuttings and embankments with views off to places you'd not normally see by car, or only momentarily. Bit busy what with all of us keeping localish and I must say I'm not sure about the Covid secure status of joggers and runners chuffing out plumes of breath and not thinking to slow or even stop and turn their heads as seems to the new normal for walkers. Or going into Costa to get a cup of mud for your walk with chum. 



  1. Any small streams worth dangling the maggot ?

  2. I'm thinking that though I'm sure the Norfolk Mafia would have searched most bits of blue on the map.