Monday, 1 March 2021

A bit more Saturday then some Sunday

Very bright afternoon so thoughts of roach cast aside and out with the pike rods headed up to the church reach and probably the last hour in Bungalow Bill territory. Bozza's lock down 3 or is it 4.0 has seen a massive increase in walking and the flood bank saw an almost constant stream of passers by.  A halved bluey static up and down the near margin then across was my tactic for the afternoon.

It wasn't till I hit Bungalow Bill territory, just above a s-bend that the float and rod tip signalled any sign of interest, along with  a few chirps from the buzzer. A bit too much movement for a cray so I wound down  into a brief contact then nothing. Definite pike teeth marks on the bluey. And that was that. I'd noticed quite a bit of weed on the baits so I'll think about popping them up next time. Certainly won't hurt cray avoiding wise.

Arrive with rods made up or tackle up meticulously on the bank? I do travel made up and banded which saves a lot of palaver when I get to the swim, even more so as I often fish shortish sessions. I wonder if my tackle takes a bit of  a beating because if it.

Despite the bright Sunday sun I calculated a quick check on members (or otherwise) permits and to check the river level/flow would give the sun a chance to drop behind the trees on roach reach. Unfortunately one (non) member got a bit terse on challenge, and though he did leave I didn't feel it  safe to leave my car there so headed off to the dace slack. Which wasn't a bad plan as the dace and  roach were ravenous, a simple swing out. Nice battlers in the current as I bought them in from the slack too.

Spawny hen dace.

And leaner sandpaper rough males.

I was getting chilly under the bridge, and the local yooth were intent on sharing covid laden bodily fluids on the nearby bench so a quick snap of some of the fish that didn't miss the secondary net and off I went, bidding the local colour good evening, as the dew began to fall.



  1. So you've got non-stick pike as well. Nice catch of dace and roach. Looks like the dace will have other things on their minds soon.

    1. Hold fire on the Teflon pike.....though in plenty of places I've heard they are spawning and some have seen tiny fry which must be trout or perch. Bit cold the last few days which might slow the pike down