Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Making the most of it

Bugger off fishing I was told. So I did. Cold enough for the thermals but dry, and minimal wind, though when it did occasionally sneak up it was very mean spirited. Only a brief session and for the first time for a while up at the top of the syndicate stretch. Hard work searching the pool with double red maggot for any interest, and just the one bite, from this very spirited brownie, probably not quite a pound and three quarters as not very plump for it's length. Been recently got at too in the tail. Looked more like otter claws than pike teeth. A lucky survivor either way.

Loaded the charabanc up again  for the short trip down to the pike pool from yesterday to fish the  glide below. Found the dace a long way down the trot so ended up picking one or two off at a time rather than building up steady bites. Best of the bunch this lovely spawny hen. Float just about visible in the gloom at 5.45.