Monday, 25 October 2021

Leaves are falling softly

More of the same Saturday as the frozen casters and hemp needed using up. Best for loose feed/groundbait really as the fish still relish then but they are super soft so plenty of missed bites. Similar quantity of roach but mostly smaller, a brace of small hybrids and a brace of perch.

Out and about Sunday morning with a Little' un  so posh coffee and eats in order.

Which left me a couple of hours fishing the bridge pool into dusk, river still up and coloured but as I'd expected a few fish in the big eddy and slack. Double reds doing the biz, and I was able to tease them into the waiting mouths nicely under  a battered 5 AAA Avon with a nice proud tip I could dot down a tad. Lovely autumn colours in the fallen poplar and sycamore leaves.  More roach than dace but plenty of each, all clean, bright things and already plump to the touch.

(a pristine stick, not the battered Avon here )

Didn't quite catch the low evening light shining through this little gonk, they always seem to be the boldest biters in a mixed haul.