Sunday, 23 January 2022

Not much to report

We've had a mini plague pit going on here in Bureboy Villas, with all the testing malarkey that goes with it and the charabanc has been most bothersome so only able to wangle a brief run-out in the Commander-in Chief's station waggon late doors yesterday so plumped for an hour and a half clearing some of the dead rosebay stalks obscuring trotting eyesight lines for future trips and searching the bridge eddy, with trotted reds, than dendros on the tip. One missed dip of the float was my lot. Rooks taking an age to settle in their roosts, a glorious sound to contrast against the mew of a solitary buzzard, occasional parps from the Noddy train and a wedding party in the Hall gardens.


Time to prep for some proper chubbing once I am mobile again so out with the stinky cheese and left over bread to get some bait and feed stocks in the bank. Definitely store in the bait fridge stuff. And none of this remove the crusts and liquidise 3 times nonsense.