Thursday, 26 May 2022


Not fished much lately, or done much more than work. I'd heard about  a dewatering from Robbie of the North on the top beat of our river ticket, went to check the next day and saw this, much to my resigned horror and that of several canoeists. Not to the horror of a wild swimmer who was practising her best bedroom noises every time she dipped her head into the shrinking muddy ditch.

A regular occurrence, even Bailey wrote about it in one of his Anglers Mail columns. Rang the EA, no fish in distress so not top priority but they had tried to ring the mill after my call. Wonder how many fish were left to be distressed?

Went on to fish a local water but I knew as soon as I set up I should have bought just a waggler rod and built up the swim. One tench lost on a shoddily fished flat bed feeder. Went back to check on the river later, the slices had been shut and it was filling back up slowly. Boils my piss.

Headed off to the land of the chocolate box picture pink cottages with roses round the door (or hollyhocks) on Sunday. 

Mooch around Thorpeness Meare

Picnic including fresh prawns and garlic mayo from one of the Aldeburgh fish huts. Flippin gorgeous.

Getting ready for Madge's big day.

Back to the glamour of North Walsham LIDL and library.


  1. Is the dewatering deliberate, accidental or vandalism?

  2. Might have been sluice work this time, but EA and out club not told. Often it seems because there might be rain over a Bank Holiday or someone just "forgets" to go back and close them.

    1. The arbitrary nature of who decides to open the gates and when tells you everything you need to know about the lack of care and interest in the rivers that the authorities have.