Sunday, 14 August 2022

In Visible Waters

We got out with the new rods yesterday. They're too short and the pre loaded line too thick but both the Little Un's caught straight away which is the main thing. 

Then we went paddling (and tomb stoning) in the local mill pool. Which was nice.

Its full of dace from an inch upwards, with the odd brown and perch making raids on them. We are going back with small mesh nets to fill our metaphorical boots.

The next pool down would be a life jacket job for the Little Un's but I'm deffo going for a wander down the tail of the pool there before it gets too cold to wade in jellies and shorts for the better roach that are found down in the tree lined glade. Like this.



  1. Looks like fun. Shouldn't imagine the water will be getting too cold very soon.

  2. Budgie smugglers at the ready!

  3. Ive taken lots of litluns and beginners fishing and you really cant beat a short pole. Simple as possible, minimises the inevitable tangles and fun too.

  4. Lovely stuff. I can't resist a Mill Pool, or any kind of river pool. I'd love to take a year out, to just go perch fishing around England in various weir/mill pools...