Monday 8 August 2022

Time flew

Time seems to be getting away with me but I guess that's time for you. The Little Un's have been having fun on the whip and now have a 'proper' rod each to practice with. They don't like eels.... 

We've caught roach mainly but dace, rudd, perch and pike have fallen foul of the trusty red maggot (and this corn fed bream when they weren't looking). Got to get my head round helping a left hander to learn to cast.

Oh, and busted me toe. Which is a bugger. Onwards and upwards


  1. That looks pretty perfect too. No photo of the pike though..?!

    1. Scared if it (it was a double) so they wanted it back in quick

  2. Frazzles the brain a bit teaching somebody who uses the opposite hand.

  3. Fascinating fish though they are I'm with the Little Uns on eels - absolute terrors to unhook and tackle tanglers par excellence imo.
    Hope the toe isn't too bothersome.

  4. A friend of mine struggled to teach her left handed daughter knitting, but said she found a mirror useful.