Tuesday 23 May 2023

Party seven

Weather is on the change and there is quite a bustle in the hedgerows with far more than a sprinkling for the May Queen, don't think I've ever seen such a display of hawthorn, wild garlic (ramsons), cow parsley (keck) and horse chestnut. A blizzards of white along the Norfolk verges. I've been tracked and checked in and out by the spy in my work cab  so just glimpsed not savoured but hopefully this Bank Holiday weekend may see pictorial evidence of the splendour.

Which is a round about way of saying  the fish are 'aving it as the water warms up, plenty of grub required now to keep them from a wandering. Black Bream cut with brown crumb and the remnants of the caster meal to keep costs down, pellets (no corn this time ) and a few glugs of this poor substitute for ACE worm extract balled a sturdy under arm out.

The ever faithful flat beds, one with pink peril tuna (right hand ) and the left with pineapple yellow temptingly peeking out of the compressed squid and krill. I also chucked a bag combo down the edge.

The mean north easterly seemed to bypass me and the May Queen  pleasing sun bought out my white knees and this bedraggled Duffer's Fortnight early bird.

I toasted it with a can of summer brew, perhaps the 'light' refers to fiery gingerness as it was not as fiery as I like, Old Jamaica or not.

Like buses, bream often came in twos, perfect male/female combo here and the next net sharing double take binary brace after this pair would have just about troubled 14lb on the scales. 

Spawny males are not nice to look or touch, but the pump females take on really nice proportions. This is a fresh young example, almost straight out of the mould.

A touch of the seasonal cow parsley for added interest and tarting up of this tubercled male

and waste not want not a garnish for this spawny female tench taken in the bag rod, gave a really good account of herself close in on the 3lb tc rod, much to the delight of watching Bream Slayer.

I had no audience, save a kingfisher darting about for this bigger one that I weighed at 5lb 3oz and fought just as well, the classic end of session just the rods on the grass, everything else packed away, the baitrunner for an alarm.

I wish I'd landed the tench that picked up a pink peril wafter on the lighter rods, different gravy but not meant to be. So, 7 bream and 2 tench and  a faint darkening of the white extremities. Can't be bad.


  1. Most excellent but I wish this northerly wind would do one.
    Whatever happened to ACE worm extract, it was potent stuff ?

  2. Made for sessions like that

  3. BB, the last time I heard the phrase "Party Seven" was a reference to the tinned beer (Watney's I seem to recall) which us teenagers used to take to parties. Every time one was opened, with a triangular can opener, the frothy mix would spurt out and hit the kitchen ceiling. Happy days. Good to see you getting a few bites - tight lines mate - Dylan