Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Daze of future past part 1

Thought I would begin a trawl through my old albums. Probably would have been best to start chronologically and put some thought into presentation but heh ho..

This my album tells me was winter85/86

Left pane is a last gasp 15.06 from the Match Pit Wivenhoe.Last gasp as it was taken on a freelined sardine as the last rod left out before I had to leave for a late shift. Usually I used to pack everything away, then the optonics, then the indicators and then rod rests and last the rods (by this time proper rod holdalls had been developed  so no breaking the rod down fully).   In this case I even took off the lead and recast as I had been there on what felt a perfect morning witiout a take. I had never fished this corner and only ended up there as it was the last swim before the track for my bike ride home. Friendly digger driver stopped to watch and take the pics.
Second pane is another pike this time from the Sandbank, Arelseford, now I believe a CEMEX carp water. Spot the Rod Htchinson rod holdall mentioned above. Cant remember if Dave Gripping Hands Lake or Mak Morris took the pics.  Fairly well framed so probably not Mak Morris.

Abberton Culvert. First time I tried eel section which went down a treat. After dropping two fish straight away cut a strip out of the skin so the hooks could at least get some purchase in the pike's mouth. Bigger one is a lean 18. Second one of 11.08 started to come in  (from some range) and then went solid in what was a very  snag free area (flooded grassland). Came to life feeling a lot bigger, had been grabbed by something with jaws that punctured from pectoral  to ventral fins that eventually let go. Next time I catch a low double I'll measure roughly how wide fins are  apart in comparison.  No seals out there so that would have been a very big pike.

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