Monday, 8 October 2012

Daze of future past (Part 3)

These are all from the Match Pit, Wivenhoe.
Top fish a bream, probably on maples from an area we imaginitively called the Reeds.  12 + feet under the rod tips and a great area for slider float fished brandling/sweetcorn for good nets of skimmers as well as our particle approach. Note the bike, essential for getting there but also whizzing round to check what was going on elsewhere.  This would have been Silver Machine. Rods were some trusty 11 foot glass blanks that got a beating and the poor man's cousin reel, the Cardinal 155's

Bottom fish a winter common just around doubles. Would have been on sidehooked seafoood boiliee off the point of the further island in the centre of the lake. (Opposite the Reeds) No hair rigs then. Dave Gripping Hands Lake the ghillie. Some morning fish but usualy runs between 2 and 3pm what ever the weather.

Speaking of hair one of my better dos I think....

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