Sunday, 21 October 2012

Last knockings today

Haven't got round to worm gathering yet so played safe and headed for a late go on Captains this afternoon despite the river looking quite good on the recent rain we have had.

Was going to work back to the dam but tooled-up lure angler ahead of me so started here to let the warer calm out a bit ..The pond is shallow, silty and where not silty weedy.  Little to report until a fizzer off the bait runner up by the boathouse in the stygian gloom. Short, stocky dark fish, allthough you would find that hard to tell as the camera steamed up in the dropping  temperature and damp air.  Chinned it out and lightly hooked in the scissors so no manky wet net to deal with. Went like a train in the shallow water.

That's 4 trips, 6 fish  and 3 doubles so far. Worm harvest calls as I do want to find some perch on the river  as autumn beds in.

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