Monday, 3 December 2012

After the snow....

December has arrived and we've had a half-hearted flurry of snow to top the heavy rain. The Yare was still over it's banks on Friday at Harford Bridge but as usual the Bure around Mayton kept just under the brim and inded was  a little down by Sunday.
Quite why I tried some far bank spots I don't know given the pace on the river but it was the nearest section to the car as I had to be off the water by 4.30 from a 3pm start.

Fishing here means sitting on a pile of dredged crap that has been here for at least a year and is still as manky and sloppy as when it first came out of the river. Bit of a test for the rover chair combo I have acquired but the chair is light to carry. Worm not troubled.

Slight change of scene but by now a lot of weed coming down which made it difficult to keep the bait in for more than a minute or so which was a bit tiresome. Did get across to the slack below the bush and this kept the line out of a lot of the flow but I would think will look a pretty shallow, unfishy spot when the water clears. No takers anyway. Did see a barn owl at close quarters and I think a couple of days will see some of the crap washed through.

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