Saturday, 8 December 2012

Being there

The Bure again has been up, but looking a lot nicer than last week. Fished down from the rail bridge at Buxton . Looks quite serene in this view.....

Mostlly however the volume of water made finding some slacker water quite difficut,.Both the mill and leat sluices were well open and though it was not difficult to hold with about 2oz it was hard to read what what it was like was under the surface turbulence. Fished half lamprey and a smelt on the bottom through about 5 spots but no takes at all. Just after taking shot below a pair of kingfishers sped down stream in that shocking azure and chestnut blur out of nowhere that never fails to excite.

Back to the car and caught a glimpse of a barn owl quaterring the meadow below the mill.  Paused for a while by the syndicate pool in the gathering dusk. Third fishless trip.but a joy to be out today, certainly more so than last week which was somewhat grim.


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    1. Went for the sillhouete, not detail but too much contrast applied