Sunday, 16 December 2012

Ancient and modern

Ancient and modern. We are blessed with many windmills and wind pumps in Norfolk. To many, the electricity generating wind vanes are an eyesore, a blot on the landscape, not in my get the point. These two structures were  perhaps 200 metres apart, just off the coast road near Ridlington.  One of course is without its working parts.

Both have grace and command the eye, especially against Norfok's big skies. This is edgelands here. A higher vantage point, perhaps  atop either of these would see a rounded corner of England, the Cromer Ridge and the shingle through to Blakeney Point to the West and the dunelands round to Yarmouth to the East. There are  even taller structures to be seen studding this grand arcing panorama including many church towers but what caught my eye today was Happisburgh Lighthouse, repeated in this field edge puddle.

Stopped at Walcot Wall again.  I don't know how many weekends have seen the Wak mobile pulling in at the "Little Shop". Ever present on the wall are these scurrying, hurrying little fellers.


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