Sunday, 11 December 2016

Post brisket come down

Sunday morning and back out with the little uns whilst the brisket melted in it's own juices. We usually stop to look for the deer at Gunton.

And quite often the pirate ship. She is Juno and gleaming from a recent overhaul. Back in her usual haul out spot at at Blakeney.

Hot knife through butter brisket devoured I had just an hour to kill. River slightly up after last night's rain and the merest hint of tinge...surely that burst of weak winter sun  was a portent of plenty?

Just sending my first take inducing text to Lord Lite when a decentish pike ghosted up near the float to the right with my sardine in it's jaws. I couldn't fail surely? Well, if the trebles hadn't been firmly embedded in a twig then perhaps. The other 10 rods are out of frame Lord Lite..

Lots of rotting down weed on the bottom and as my hour ticked by increasing rafts of previously fresh greenery coming down on the surface.

Never got as far as that banker home fish less.

Sunset on Poplar Boulevard.

And over the Syndicate lake.


  1. The sky was beautiful when I walked the dogs at four fifteen. A real pleasure to see.

  2. Very pleasant BB, I think I have admired that mighty fine craft before at Blakeney, what a corker! TTFN Dickie