Sunday, 4 December 2016

Pscilocybin ramblings

I can recommend the mushrooms in The Mermaid's Slipper..

No, just mucking about with the "exciting" on-camera features. The Mermaid's Slipper is an small restaurant on the Staithe behind. Only one chance to an inadvertently freelined half  sardine at the mouth of the cut. On for a short while then gone.

Got myself another fixed spool/rear drag as my last float reel had gone kaput and fancied a centrepin too... no  line guard and I don't really fancy winding in backwards with line off the top of the reel so it might take a little while to get use to avoiding tangles, having said that have always managed ok when I have borrowed one before. Think a workout with  an Avon/Chubber and worms is called for.

This was an almost perfect circle with a line through the middle but it had got a little misshapen before I changed my lens. Some one up there was mad for it. I blame it on the chem trail tin foil hatters...aciiiid!

Shot down to Ebridge Mill at last knockings as there was a hint of colour in the setting sun. Should have packed a rod, roach topping everywhere.

Have a bottle of Indian whisky to attend to tonight. Will report back once sampled. With an Abbot Ale chaser. Whilst re-watching Klopp on MOTD2 getting bested for once . He still managed a post match smile though. Damn sight more than Mourinho did.

Toodle pip.


  1. Your right about Mourinho. Boring, boorish, paranoid whinger. He never used to be like that. I think he's finished. Who would you rather play for, him or Klopp ?

  2. You knew I'd take the Mourinho bait.