Sunday, 18 December 2016

Well, Saturday did come and then so did Sunday

Fought the fog down the A140 yesterday to the Theatre of Dreams. Or more prosaically the absurdly named Weston Homes Community Stadium.You know, that soulless concrete box perched over the A12 at the backend of Britan's oldest recorded town, so good the Romans named it Camulodunum and sometime home of both the Royal Green Jackets and the Black Watch. No prizes for guessing why there was a thriving Military Corrective Training Centre (the Glass House).  Friday and Saturday nights were somewhat lively.

Two sevenths of the Bureboy yoot in earnest pre match contemplation. Yoot number 3 has just discovered his sandwich has a mouldy crust stage left....

To be honest, the fog did not make for a visual feast. We could plainly see result of the inept defending  of  a Notts County corner early doors. Seven feet tall or not "The Boy Sam Walker" had no chance.

However,  the only thing we could see over the half way line was the neon glow of the County keeper's kit and the pinball head tennis induced flashes of the yellow winter ball as it reached flood light height. Quite often. So who scored our equaliser, or how I am not sure.

The second half was mostly played in Notts County's half and though  not total football by any means enough to pressure County into dropping deeper and deeper and eventually committing own goal hari- kari and facing a slow foggy trip back towards the River Trent sans points.

Unexpected pass out today and off to try a few swims further down the bridge beat. Around 6 degrees and a gentle breeze but river like gin. The sort of day for tucking baits in quietly close to features rather than chasing them down

Ronnie or Reggie Cray still active?

Still a lot of colour around.

Second swim and an instant response to the sardine placed right on x marks the spot and a real tearaway fish, surging round in the clear water. Leeched up but plump and with that Concorde droop snout.

Another move and again float dipping almost as soon as rod on the alarm and baitrunner engaged. Something for the Santa Special to look at but not for long, the top treble having slid down meaning both sets of hooks in the tail of the bait and not enough to gain purchase. Longer fish too. Never mind.

I do like a row or two of poplars. Here's 4 rows at least..guess that's a rheumy sun?