Thursday, 13 April 2017

Skimming the cream

Wednesday and another more local early start early finish so on to the Blue Lagoon with a bucket of tiny hemp and a pint and  half of reds, and lots of fiendish things like dumbells, wafters, maggot clips etc for future use.

Wind a bit keen and  converse draw quite pronounced. First 3 casts roach, hybrid and  perch set the tone. Harder work today but changes bought rewards.

When you are dotted right down it either just  blips under or as here lifts slightly as the bottom no 8 is lifted slightly.

7-8 feet 2 rods out and they do bend the tip  nicely. The perch always feel initially bigger.

I did get a bit  nervous when I saw the first flash but even in the Blue Lagoon once you don't see a flash of roachy red you breathe a bit easier. A blush of dual heritage blue but no redness to the eyes.

And some of the best of the bunch.

I could of done with  a warmer wind but satisfying none the less. Think the roachh at least starting to plump up a bit.


  1. Nice fishing but I'm not buying you " dotting the float down " and using no 8 shot. No way.

  2. As I said, I'll teach you a bit about waggler fishing one day. How not to wooooooooooooooooooooosh on the cast for starters.