Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Yarco /Cromermory Hot Dog wars

The Boy Dickie Straker,  he of  has drawn my  attention to a  secret and dirty war being fought out on our East Coast Esplanades.

I had smuggled out secret footage  of a rather bizarre figure on the main strip in Yarco, at grave and present danger and can only release it now as a heavily redacted and doctored grainy image.

Only to find that a similar figure has been  seen at least to once in Cromermory but you know what you see on the Interweb may not always be what it seems.

The Bureboy Charabanc may have to nose down the cliff ramp, past the self propelled mowing goats in silent mode with night sight optics to remove the reported interloper. You haven't senn the self propelled mowing goats? You really should.

Perhaps it can be stationed outside No 10 to give the Mayster a fright next time she come out to gurn at us or inside the gated pub free Frinton to reinforce why they must never ever let the riff raff in..


  1. Well I never BB! That's the very fella, down the ramp indeed by the sack slide - last seen with H&S ticker tape around it after Straker nippers and Dad caused an incident with his hot dog - we don't have such delights down darlest Darset - you ain't seen me right? Ttfn Dickie

  2. Ducking and diving, bobbing and weaving Dickie. The municipal grass cutting goats really do exist and are, as you can imagine the talk of the town now they have been brought back from their winter quarters.