Saturday, 29 July 2017

Summer daze

Out and about with the little uns today, not the hottest of days but pleasant enough down below the cliffs on the strands.  We have so many lovely and long beaches you never really feel hemmed in.

Hunting for hearts in Mundesley, only about 70 to go.....

Chips, the bronze drop and (self sown) nasturtiums for the ravening hordes.

Journey's end for the obligatory ice cream and doughnut (but not for me).

You'd be thinking that with those blue skies that I'd be out fishing tonight. Especially with this little beauty to break in. Sadly rain has stopped play. It has taken two days to dry everything dried out from a quick 10 minutes with a few worms on Wednesday that led to getting absolutely soaked under an old and thus sparse oak along with nearly 2 dozen stupid stinking sheep for a storm lighted hour. They were touching the trunk and were not wearing wellies or derriboots so I figured they would get fried first  if the lightning did strike the biggest thing round for about  a mile..

Now, will my frozen casters be defrosted casters or just mush when I look at them tomorow?
I do seem to remember keeping them that way when turning them back in the day.


  1. Those golden days of summer. I used to love going down the beach when the kids were younger. GGII.

  2. Where is he BB? The big hot dog in a bun at Coasta Coffee........I smell scandal! TTFN Dickie