Saturday, 23 September 2017

Chard earth policy...

Day out with littlest un today. Weather kind and out of the wind it did feel more than 18C.

Request to see the deer at Gunton, the stags are getting ready to rut in  a big way.

Always have to stop at Morston (Blakeney Harbour) to see the goats and of course the view.

Lolly stop at Sheringham Park, one of Repton's finest..

Happened on an outdoor photography collection in the Bower Garden, a stunning array of images. Worth a look to be sure. (£5.50 to park if not an NT member though)

A stick is an essential object in any wooded area

And a final request to drive over the cattle grids  at Felbrigg Hall. Autumn is officially here and the colchicums are out (and so are my nerine lillies).

Chicken checking is a must in the walled garden and bee orchard

The colour on that chard though....

I hear whispers of roach in Jasper Farqhuar territory so hope to be on the river  for a few hours into dusk tomorrow.


  1. Looks like a great day out. The National Trust parking charges are ridiculous. Studland Bay wanted eight quid for four hours last week.

    1. Admit you are getting older every day and get a membership. I hear they do one for OAP's....I use at least once a week.