Tuesday, 21 November 2017

My failing eyes...

I went for a quick smash and grab on the river, couldn't see the quiver tip in the gloom with my useless eyes. The ancient cheese paste is stinky though. One tiny dace smaller than the worm it took. Can you get a  1gig betalight?  Treated to the kingfishers though.

Bit more light on Sunday. Who doesn't like  a beech wood in autumn? Blickling is a beautiful place. Might have to have a couple of quick pike sorties.

Finished off on the hard at Blakeney. I  think hard is just an Essex/Suffolk word for the hard foreshore on an estuarine harbour. Don't hear it round here. Juno is back in for her winter haul out. Handhelds from the Bureboy Charabanc window. Then we went to see the "Norman Lights". Little 'un speak for the Holt Christmas Lights. Do try and see them. Oh, they both saw and now spout on about sun dogs too.

Might just give the cheespaste an quick outing on the Wensum if I can fit a starlite. Trouble is, I'll stink of cheese paste and the Commander in Chief might suss out I have had a sneaky one.


  1. I do like a sun dog. Weird thing.
    Don't bother vwith betalites, get a 50 per disposable, much brighter. Ebay in bulk even cheaper.
    Or better still shine a torch on the tip.

    1. Starlights all the way Wak. They double as a sight bob in the day anyway.