Sunday, 26 November 2017

Tarka Dahl

Had a good pass out today so headed up to the middle beat. More water above the mill but clear and still some weed waiting for a good flush through. I fished hard for me, recasting, twitching back and leapfrogging  quite a stretch but not one show of interest.  Only consolation of  a blank is no smelly wet net, mat and sling..  

To be honest, I felt a bit hemmed in by the large herd of cattle, with several stand-offs. They circled several times and I was eyeball to eyeball a couple of times.  

I came across Tarka's left overs; the remains of this big perch were as deep as the face of the scales, and the forceps were long pike forceps.

Un filtered sunburst. 

Cue Louis Theroux Scientology stylee video stand off with  these friendly brothers of the angle.


  1. BB, I had the same thing on Saturday. Three idiots in a small rubber dinghy and small outboard. They were circling reversing, splashing about. I almost packed in but I thought bollocks to you twats I'm not moving and stayed to the bitter end. Why do you need a dinghy in a drain you can cast across underarm and there are no rush or reed problems? Hopefully to increase your chance of falling in. Twats.

    1. Given the deployment of mobile technology I remained civil and calm TT. But yes, twats.

    2. Oiks, in boats, on waters that can't possibly warrant such approach. Welcome to the Kentish Stour! Absolutely no doubt that you are able to cover a far greater section of the fishery - who cares how many other anglers have their day ruined? Selfish c*nts - to coin a phrase. Twats is far too lenient in my view - and I'd have to exchange these opinions there and then. Bollocks to that "they meant no harm" stuff! I've had a shout up at wankers, in boats, fishing over my baits at 120 m on Loch Awe - a drain would warrant a poke in the eye with the rod tip! You've got to "man up" BB - Dyl

  2. They like to pretend they live in America and live on the Great Lakes or wherever.
    Idiots, twats, wankers and cunts ? Ah, the gentle art of angling.