Sunday, 10 December 2017

Further last knockings.

Out and about in the Bureboy Charabanc this morning and it was cold, wet and horrible. The early frost had been washed away and the nearest we got to snow was some  lethargic half arsed sleet. Some very bedraggled pikers in a boat on Rollesby, you can't hide from the rain unless you have  a cuddy and that is not advisable on  a wide open broad. Bank high at the constricting Potter Heigham bridge over the Thurne and even on higher on the Ant at Wayford. Not one of those perched  on their platforms in Richardsons looked as if they were really enjoying it. A lot of work for a few bits. Wonder who took the coin?

I'd  said I would have  ago if it held off and by 3 was in the car park of the vaguely blue lagoon with the intention of fishing as near to the car as I could.  Shielded by the trees it was ok and on a quick walk round it even looked good for a last knockings roach. 

However I'd only put two pike rods in so  a bluey was halved and allowed to continue it's slow decomposition. A few hard bits as the light leads touched down.  You can see by the noddy train (again) that I'd not strayed far from the river. No chance of a repeat capture of my new friend, still  awaitng a name from the Essex Scribbler at least today. 

True to recent form as the church clock struck four (3 minutes late as usual) the last rod, a net, a mat and forceps were the only things not back in the car when the ticking of the baitrunner indicated the bluey tail had not only been resurrected but had decided to move off towards the reed fringe. Unfortunately after a few thumps the half bluey was flying back towards me. Saved getting the unhooking gear wet I suppose.


  1. The Stalham match in the boat yard was won with 9lb. My dad was third with 8lb. Reckons it will take most of the week for his hands to dry out. Great blog as always.

    1. That is a lot of bits to make 8 or 9lb so very good work in dreadful conditions Steve. Hats off to them. I sometimes have an hour with a whip by the Mermaids Slipper and some suprises do turn up. Of course I do have to have a pike rod out as well...